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Who are we?

Fathered by science fiction author Vernor Vigne, the concept of a technological singularity indicates a future where technological expansion would advance at an unstoppable rate, potentially resulting in human extinction. In recent years, developments of Artificial Intelligence have brought up new concerns of ever increasing technological advancement. We on Team Singularity do not fear such a future, rather, we use this mentality as a driving force in our robotics philosophy. We seek to push the limits of engineering, using new and emerging technologies to optimize our robot design and control systems. Ultimately, our goal is to promote technological innovation through STEM education in the community.


We pride ourselves on our team's student-led nature. Our students design every aspect of the robot, seek out funding, and organize outreach activities.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Learn the principles of Science, Engineering, Business, and Computer Science and ignite a love of these principles in the community.

How you can help

We need your help. We need funds to build our robot and reach others in our community. We accept any and all donations. You can view donation packages below.

Sponsorship Plans

We need your help to stay afloat. Your sponsorships will be used to construct our robot and to lead outreach events in our community, such as science fairs.

Silver Level


Entry level donation. For those who want don't want too much of a commitment yet.

  • Featured in Robot Reveal Video
  • Open Invitation To Practices
  • Letter of Recognition⠀
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Gold Level


Mid-level donation. Good value for perks. Great commitment to foster more opportunities for our team.

  • Company Logo/Link In Slide
  • Company Info on Team Shirt
  • Featured in Season Recap
  • All Previous Benefits
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Platinum Level


High-level donation. Amazing value, amazing contribution to push us to fund our future projects.

  • Medium-Sized Company Logo On Team Shirt
  • Medium-Sized Company Logo On Robot
  • All Previous Benefits
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Diamond Level


"All the perks! All of them!" Stellar bonuses. Our eternal gratitude goes to those who reach this package.

  • Personal Team Shirt
  • Large Company Logo on Shirt
  • Large Company Logo on Robot
  • All Previous Benefits
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